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Since the creation of their first professional mixing console Yamaha has made it a mission to stay in touch with the needs of sound engineers around the world. The result of listening to the needs of customers and building their recommendations into new products is the overwhelming success of the recent CL and QL digital consoles. One of the main ways Yamaha does this is by not constraining the users’ creativity and now Yamaha has created a new way of operating their consoles that give the user more freedom than ever before.

The TF series of consoles allow the operator to respond to the performers on stage with never before seen speed, giving operators time to polish their sound like never before. The entire TouchFlow system is centered around a large touch screen that combines a straightforward process with precise control.

Operators who are learning to mix audio will be able to learn and grow, while experienced engineers will find it easier than ever to achieve the ideal mix. Live tracking and playback give you the power to train new volunteers and new Tio Dante I/O racks let you save time every week during stage setup.


  TF1 – 16 FADERS

$2499.99 | Contact for best price

  16 Mic/Line Inputs

  Up to 32 with Dante

  16 XLR Outputs

  Up to 32 with Dante

  16 Faders + Master


$2999.99 |Contact for best price

  24 Mic/Line Inputs

   Up to 48 with Dante

  6 XLR Outputs

   Up to 34 with Dante

  24 Faders + Master


$3599.99 | Contact for best price

  32 Mic/Line Inputs

  Up to 48 with Dante

  16 XLR Outputs

  Up to 34 with Dante

  32 Faders + Master

CALL FOR PRICING: (541) 683-8809

Because we’re smaller than many of the online sites and we don’t have massive retail stores that we staff and maintain we can drop the prices below what others can offer. When you call us we can create a quote just for you and avoid the “Minimum Advertised Prices” that constrain other dealers.

We only sell professional AVL gear. We’ve never centered around guitars and we promise to never throw cheap candy at you just to get a sale. What we DO offer are custom quotes with prices better than you’ll find online and include free useful accessories with every big purchase. We are a Yamaha authorized dealer so everything you purchase includes full warranties and we offer a 30-day return policy standard.

Hundreds of churches and dozens of schools and universities all over the world have already used us to save time and money. Isn’t it time for you too?

This Is One Cool Console

We’ve also made a video with a complete unboxing of the console. This way you can see everything that’s included. Yamaha’s new touchscreen workflow has been optimized and streamlined so techs that are learning sound can catch on quickly and easily operate the console while still giving precision control of complex parameters to seasoned veterans. This represents Yamaha’s mission to really listen to the needs of their customers. In one box you have the ability to train younger operators and new volunteers without having a watered-down kiddie console.