It’s their mix… let them mix it!

I’ve used Yamaha’s StageMix app for a long time and now I can’t do a decent soundcheck without it. My mixes have also improved drastically because now I can walk around the room and mix the sound from where my audience actually is… in the room.

Now Yamaha has taken that same power and wants you to put it in the hands of your performers.

The MonitorMix application for the CL/QL/TF Series allows individual mixing of your MIX and MATRIX OUTPUTS from up to 10 iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. Each performer can have control over the buses assigned to them and can mix each scene according to the changes on stage. Now your performers don’t have to stop rehearsal to ask for a change in their mix or mess with boxes that don’t let them save scene changes and have a limited number of channels. And you don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining extra equipment that can get beat up and broken, resulting in wasted time and money on repairs or replacements.

The best part? It’s included in all of Yamaha’s CL, QL, and TL consoles. Free. It’s their mix… let them mix it.

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Sean Walker
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Sean Walker

Client Relations at AGI Inc.
Sean has worked as a Technical Director at Saddleback Church and Mariners Church in Orange County, CA. He currently works as the Studio Manager for Beyond Creative LLC and as the Client Relations Manager for AGI Inc.
Sean Walker
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