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From concerts in arenas and performing arts venues to satellite churches that gather in schools and libraries, we have designed and installed systems for every type of venue and situation. But what happens after we leave you with all your sweet new equipment? You’re going to need ongoing support. Where do you get new cables? Where do you go when you need a new console for your youth room? What is that one thing that you bought last year when that other thing broke?

You could go to that store that centers around guitars and see what they happen to have in stock or call that place that throws candy at you. Or you could go with a company that has a sales team with years of real experience and who is in constant contact with manufacturers from all over the globe. At AGI, we are always available to you no matter how small the request. Our network includes over 300 manufacturers that we are always working with to get you the best prices, and we never run out of stock. We can confidently assess the custom needs of your venue to help you clearly communicate your message and maintain your style.

Contact us and we can get you the equipment you need in the time you need it, with a price that will make your budget smile.

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